About Forest Lawn Nursery

Forest Lawn Nursery is positioned in the rolling hills of Montgomery County, Missouri. East Central Missouri has a climate suited very well for growing trees of many species. Because the farm contains several soil types we are able to grow a wide selection of trees and shrubs. Through the use of cover crops and crop rotation we maintian a healthy and productive soil. Our trees are hardy because they are not sheltered in a protected valley or in a southern hardiness zone. We are located in Zone 5 of the USDA hardiness zone map.


Forest Lawn Nursery is growing a complete line of trees from deciduous shade and flowering trees like crabapple, magnolia, white fringe, and redbuds, to evergreens such as arborvitae, spruce, pine and juniper.



Where We Excel

  • Fertile soil and proper plant siting
  • Availability of the latest cultivars 
  • Careful attention to proper planting depth 
  • We use plants started in the air root prune or rootmaker process whenever available.
  • Regularly adding new plants and trees to the selection
  • Intensive pruning and pest managment practices



We invite you to visit the nursery for a tour of the farm and trees. Contact Roland for an appointment by phone at 636-357-5426, or use our contact form.

Forest Lawn Nursery Knows Trees

We have been growing quality landscape plants for more than 40 years. Shade and ornamental trees are our passion and we know the varieties available in the trade.