Welcome to Forest Lawn Nursery LLC

Forest Lawn Nursery is a family owned and operated wholesale grower of premium quality finished landscape sized shade and ornamental trees and shrubs. We have over 40 years of horticultural experience working to grow the latest introductions in the ornamental plant world. We have a complete line of landscape plants available for your landscape projects. Flowering trees, shade trees, evergreen trees and shrubs. Your landscaping project is always in good hands with Forest Lawn Nursery LLC. Our service includes all project phases from planning to maintenance. In the process, we always keep your personal wishes and needs in mind.


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What makes us different?         SELECTION & SIZE

We have the widest selection of plant material grown in this area of Missouri. We can help you find any plant material you may need. Our product line offers a wide range of sizes of trees, from small trees to VERY LARGE trees! We offer trees from just a couple of feet tall to 8 inch caliper and 30 feet tall!

Who we are

Forest Lawn Nursery is a 300 acre wholesale nursery growing a complete line of shade and ornamental trees. 

About Us

We are expanding our nursery and offering new plants and trees.

Forest Lawn Nursery is growing and delivering premium quality B&B trees to your jobsite. We are in the process of expanding our product line to include not only B&B trees but also trees grown in the Rootmaker production method. This is either a fabric bag or plastic liner that develops the most massive rootmass on trees and plants we have seen to date. This method develops a plant root system that makes trees difficult to lose when planting them.