Dutch Auction

Welcome to Forest Lawn Nursery's Dutch Auction page.

How it works:

This page works very similar to a real Dutch auction. Each lot item contains a list of items or just one item and the purchase price is stated at that moment. 

 Each day or at unspecified intervals the price of each lot item is reduced by an unspecified amount. When the price of each lot item reaches a minimum the lot is subject to removal from the board.

 Buyers may log on to the website and check the prices of any lot item at anytime. If the price of your lot item of interest is acceptable you must call/fax/email your desire to purchase the lot item and give the item number. 


Purchases are awarded on a first order placed basis.


Lot items may be removed randomly from the auction board or if purchased they are removed immediately.

This may be your chance to purchase nursery stock at BARGAIN PRICES!


To Purchase any Lot # CALL 636-357-5426 Roland if no answer leave a message. 

Thank you.

Dutch Auction Item/Lot Listing           TO PURCHASE CALL 636-357-5426 Roland



Description          Quantity  Cal.   Height    Spread Ball size   Price/ea.   Lot Total



Sorry no items available for auction at this time.